Social Media

What are the benefits of Social Media?


The most prised reason is the opportunity for businesses to generate revenue. Many businesses such as small, medium or large enterprises use Social Media platforms for e-commerce or brand awareness.

How is Social Media Revenue & Awareness Gained?

Through building communities online or advertising products and/or services within many social media platforms. There are two common types of advertising and gaining market reach; one is to advertise via social media, with ads that link back to a landing page or business website; via ad marketing, you can build an online store and reputation without channels but rather targeted audiences. The second method is to organically reach your customers via interaction on local groups and approaching other businesses on a personal one to one interaction building local brand awareness of the business and services/products it may have. In some cases, these two strategies combined see excellent market results.

Why Use Social Media?


Using social media allows your customers to connect, interact, share and grow with your business on a more personal level. If you already have an established brand, social media might be an opportunity to further develop your brand and reach and give your business a voice. Almost like placing a face to the name.

With the internet containing some 3 billion + users with well over half of them using social media platforms; it would be advantageous to use all social media avenues that are fit for your business.

How can Headway Information Services Help?

With tailored digital online strategies that fully showcase your business the right way the first time, to the right customer, at exactly the right time. We study your online presence so to learn its full potential & open up your businesses with a full sales focused digital strategy.

Headway Information Services team are certified Social Media Specialists. We can create tailored campaigns and targeted audiences that drive your brand into the world wide web and the world of social media.

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