SEO – Google’s Mobile Friendly Test

Is your Website Mobile Friendly?

For two years now Google has been monitoring websites with Google Bots to ensure websites meet the “mobile friendly requirements”. Some would say why are Google doing this? A lot of website traffic these days are viewed on mobile devices ie, phones and tablets. Google wants to make sure the websites that it presents to the searching user are optimised for their device. Google can impose some penalties to those websites not optimised for mobile friendly devices, meaning that if your website is not optimised for mobile use it may not rank as high in the mobile Google search listings.

Google Offers a free Mobile-Friendly-Test- To check your site today simply visit

Where you can enter you website address for Google to check & analyse.

After Google Analyses the website it provides a report if your website is optimised for mobile friendly searches and online mobile visibility presence. What happens if my website is not Mobile Friendly? At Headway Information Services – We can assist;

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