Online security – Tips and Privacy Tricks!

Everyone NEEDS Privacy right! So do your devices and Internet connection!

Do you own a iPhone or Android phone for example? The Android is more susceptible to being hacked or intruded then the Apple competitor, unlike the Apple devices the Android must be shut down completely in order to be safe rather then the Apple that is encrypted at the lock screen!

Be very careful of the apps and programs you install, can you remember the last time you read all the fine print, every time right? A lot of the terms and conditions we come to accept allow the software developer at times to access some form of data, being analytics or otherwise. At the same time keeping apps and programs up to date helps these programs in being patched against known loop holes or faults.

A lot of people don’t know that their emails can be sometimes easily intercepted , especially if they are sent using non-encrypted type methods. Some Internet Service providers and private hosting services offer and sell these non-encrypted type of email connections, so be vary and if your not sure ask your provider.

Last but not least, don’t forget to have a strong password / pass-code, so 1234 is out. Keeping your password and pass-codes strong and updated from time to time means it takes a hacker or potentially un-wanted eyes  longer to gain access.